Disable Annoying Low Disk Space Warning in Windows 7 & Vista

When your computer’s hard disk drive is nearly out of free space, Windows will warn you with a little pop-up box at regular intervals.This low disk space warning can be handy the first time but that’s usually where the usefulness stops.Aside from being annoying, Windows constant check for low hard disk drive space uses system resources which can slow Windows down.
By a simple registry tweak you can easily turn off the low disk space checks and warnings in Windows 7 or Vista.
• Click on Windows Start, type in regedit in the start menu search box, and then hit the Enter key.
• Navigate to the registry subkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer \
• From the File menu, point to New, and click DWORD Value.
• Type in NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and press Enter.
• Double click the new value and enter the value 1 in the data field and click OK.
• Close Windows Registry Editor and restart your computer to take effect the registry changes.
Windows will no longer warn you about low disk space on any of your hard drives.If you don’t have a lot of free space left on your computer hard disk drive, you might be able to get more free space by running the Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard. You can get Disk Cleanup Wizard in Windows from Start -> Computer -> Right-Click on the hard drive -> Properties. Check all of the boxes except Compress old files option. You may also want to delete some System Restore files and volume shadow copy files to recover a lot of free hard disk drive space. You can accomplish this option in the More Options tab.
If there is no Explorer subfolder under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies registry subkey,do the following steps:
• Open Windows registry editor and navigate to the registry subkey:
• Select the Policies key under CurrentVersion.
• From the Windows Registry Editor menu, choose Edit-> New-> Key.
• After the new key is created beneath Policies key, it will initially be named as New Key #1.
• Change the name of the newly created registry key to Explorer and then hitting the Enter key.
• With the newly created registry key, Explorer, still selected, choose Edit -> New-> DWORD (32-bit) Value.
• After the new DWORD value is created beneath Explorer, it will initially be named New Value #1.Change the name of the newly created DWORD value to NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and then hitting the Enter key.
• Right-click on the newly created NoLowDiskSpaceChecks DWORD value and choose the option Modify.
• Change the value of DWORD, 0 with the number 1 and click OK
• Close Windows Registry Editor and restart computer to take effect the registry changes.
There is an easier way to disable only the balloon tip,which is a part of this low disk space warning message in Windows 7 or Vista.This registry tweak involves disabling all balloon tips which can be done in:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced
And create a new DWORD value named NoTrayItemsDisplay and give it the value 1.
The low disk space notification icon will still appear in your system tray but the balloon tip will not show up anymore in Windows.
Alternate Method:
You can also easily disable the annoying low disk space warning in Windows 7 or Vista by simply open an elevated command prompt window and run the following command:
REM copy here
regini HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
Policies\Explorer “NoLowDiskSpaceChecks” = REG_DWORD 1
REM end copy here
(You can cut and paste the above code into open command prompt window)


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    I read here Windows Error but couldnt make sense?


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